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Seeking Rock Star Senior Designer!

Job Description: 

Us: Start-up boutique design agency with an obsession for brilliantly simple design, a love of wicked problems and a cool client list from chocolate to babies to lipstick.

You: Besides being an insanely skilled design professional, you’re a perfect combo of:

28% Passion and Drive
10% Coffee (or Tea) Addiction
18% Social Media Craving
44% Curiosity

As an integral member of a fun, talented, and nimble team, you will be required to wear a number of hats. One day you might focus on delivering competitive assessments and designing brand identity for a Fortune 500 client. On another day, you might be leading an innovation session with an in-house design team, or conducting rapid prototyping exercises with consumers. You will report directly to the company Principals, all while maintaining a high degree of autonomy and getting paid to do work that you love.

What Success Looks Like:

  • Your team members and clients love you, you get them, you’re invaluable to them.
  • We’ll have built a design agency that sets the bar and has jealousy-inducing work to show for it.
  • We’re known as the experts in designing brands that are easy to recognize, easy to recall, and easy to love.
  • Your clients say you “are a proactive business partner first, who just happens to be really great at design”.
  • We’ve gotten smarter and more effective in how we know the market, approach ideation, execute gorgeous design, and collaborate with other creative agencies.
  • You’re learning like crazy and having a lot of fun!


  • Fluent in the language of design, with a design degree and killer portfolio to prove it.
  • Knows what a GIF is, and is a wizard with Adobe CS (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat) and MS Office Suite.
  • Loves trends and the practice of design in a deep, kind of obsessive, way. Has been at it professionally for at least 5 years.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Enough said.
  • Dislikes complexity and the status quo. Loves to experiment and isn’t afraid to fail.
  • Is in, or can be in Chicago.

Curious? So are we.
Send portfolio and a little about yourself to Liz Noftle,