How does one reshape a region’s perception while respecting its history and culture? The Chicago Park District believed opening access to thousands of acres of natural lands in the Southeast Side could be part of the solution. Located on former industrial sites and brown fields, these areas offer a unique and valuable blend of natural spaces and outdoor recreation.


Active and vibrant, the campaign allows citizens to rethink their perceptions, not only of the region, but of the entire city. Building upon the existing CPD logo, literally. The icon combines the industrial past and foundation while putting nature and growth front and center. And what represents nature better than green? By using a bright chartreuse and steel grey, the color palette is energetic yet grounded in the region’s rich industrial history.



Local Chicago photographer, Alyssa Shukar, captures the ecosystem and community at their most vibrant. Dynamic perspective and authentic settings are juxtaposed with the industrial heritage of the area and celebrate yesterday and tomorrow.


Web & App Design

A custom-built website and mobile app invite visitors to explore the Southeast Side in their preferred way. The website displays an interactive map of the region and captures the parks through slideshows with original photography. The mobile app, ReQuest,  invites participants on park-specific scavenger hunts where one collects points and learns about the land around them.