Brand Name | Brand Identity | Packaging | Party Experience


When you think of in-home parties hosted to sell products, you likely have a sense of dread. That just shouldn’t be the case for Dove – it is chocolate after all. As part of our experience design work for The Cocoa Exchange, the goal was to modernize the Dove Signature brand and bring some “edutainment” to the social experience. This refresh addressed everything from the brand name and package design to Dove-i-fying the host’s home for a fun, sophisticated affair.

The Sweet Stuff

Dove Signature is one of three brands offered by The Cocoa Exchange, and sold exclusively through in-home social experiences. In order to drive recognition, we leveraged assets from the core Dove chocolate brand, including a chocolate wave and silky smooth pattern. The rich chocolate and jewel-tone pop off white and marble textures to create a sense of modernity and luxury. The packaging invites guests into a sensorial experience that feels a little like gift wrap.

The Gifts

There isn’t a sweeter gift than chocolate, or at least we think so. To create a ready-to-go giftable product, we created a bar library that takes the Dove Signature pattern to a new level. Rich, vibrant colors attract the eye while being dignified enough to please any recipient.