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The snack bar category is crowded and full of over-promises and lofty claims. Is my snack really going to get me to the top of Mt. Everest or across the finish line of a marathon? It’s time for a snack bar to be, well, just that, a snack.

Whoa, check that out! BBDO brought goodnessKNOWS® to the, okay, not the big screen, but a screen nonetheless.

The Goodies

What puts the good in goodnessKNOWS®? We like to call it Poptimism. It’s brimming with optimism, hold the cheese. No clouds, no gray. Why would there be? It’s a world of good. It’s hyper-real, bright, strong and active. This world pops whether we’re skipping or tripping.

There’s Goodness In Store

It takes a lot to get a little attention. But our world of Poptimism has what it takes to stop traffic – you might even say we pop in store. It’s bold, iconic, and yummy. We even took some good on the road – check out that trade show.