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The snack bar category is crowded and full of over-promises and lofty claims. Is my snack really going to get me to the top of Mt. Everest or across the finish line of a marathon? It’s time for a snack bar to be, well, just that, a snack.

Whoa, check that out! BBDO brought goodnessknows to the, okay, not the big screen, but a screen nonetheless.

The Goodies

What puts the good in goodnessknows? We like to call it Poptimism. It’s brimming with optimism, hold the cheese. No clouds, no gray. Why would there be? It’s a world of good. It’s hyper-real, bright, strong and active. This world pops whether we’re skipping or tripping.

There’s Goodness In Store

It takes a lot to get a little attention. But our world of Poptimism has what it takes to stop traffic – you might even say we pop in store. It’s bold, iconic, and yummy. We even took some good on the road – check out that trade show.