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Harkins Builders recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and undertook an effort to formulate the company’s business strategy and succession plan for its next 50 years. In addition, Harkins was looking to attract younger talent and expand its footprint geographically and into new divisions. A refreshed brand identity and tone of voice was needed to jump start the future.


Living by our belief that “the fruit is in the roots,” the resulting toolbox grew from Harkins’ red brand color and triangular logo. The assets are now amplified and provide the framework for the identity.

Logo & Icons

Story has it that the nine triangles of the original logo were based on a doodle drawn by Mr. Harkins himself. Today they remain bold, iconic and timeless. Iconography is comprised of nine triangles, just like the symbol in the Harkins logo, and arranged into structures that represent the company’s groups and values.


What better way to unveil a new brand identity than with a new headquarters. Every surface and design choice was made to represent the future.