Design Thinking | Holistic Branding | Experience & In-Store Design


McCormick, best known as the global authority on flavor, wanted to expand into the Breakfast category. We facilitated a week-long design thinking session with the goal of creating a holistic proposition, involving global participants from diverse disciplines with widely varying areas of expertise.


Improv exercises, including lunch prepared “Chopped”-style by the team, set the stage for a fun and fast-paced week. Expert speakers brought additional perspective to the process.


Consumer empathy interviews uncovered pain points. Experiential field trips to find and apply metaphors included visits to a local farm-to-table restaurant, retail outlets, and an interactive museum.


The team created rapid-fire prototype propositions, and consumers returned to provide feedback to inform the final proposition.


Using the consumer feedback, team members synthesized the prototype propositions into one holistic solution that included product designs, naming, packaging prototypes, marketing ideas, and a 5-year product roadmap for presentation to senior management.


Over five days, fourteen dedicated teams members developed a single holistic proposition. With input from eight consumers, the team proposed and refined twelve different prototype product ideas. After the session, the first products in the pipeline launched in just eighteen months.

Brand Exploratory

Following the session, McCormick engaged us to iterate on overall packaging identity and holistic brand concepts, including in-store inspiration, advertising, and pack designs.