Brand Refresh | Visual and Verbal Identity | Brand Guidelines

Our Approach

How do you create a fresh identity for a company with a rich heritage in the tech industry? Our unique brand building process allowed us to dive deep into Tessco’s 35-year history to find the “fruit in the roots” and think expansively to deliver three truly distinctive brand worlds for Tessco.


All About Interaction

Tessco makes the connections that make human communication possible. To highlight this, we focused on patterning abstracted from real symbols of basic electrical connectivity, weaving it in and out of human-centered imagery to further push the idea of interaction. The interlocking T’s of the logo in its many compositions directly call to Tessco’s custom solutions for customers.



Hello there.
How’s your day going?

Every day is made up of simple exchanges that have an impact. Little interactions that make a big difference. Words that say we see you. We hear you. We get you. Words that connect us.

Behind these daily connections are real people. Like you. Like me. Like us. At Tessco, we put people front and center because who we are is just as important as what we do.

Our thirty years of success stories and lessons learned drive us to do our jobs expertly so you can do yours seamlessly. We work hard at what we do. Because we take pride in what you do.

Ready to go? Us too.
Tessco. Hi tech.

High-tech Meets High-touch

One of Tessco’s greatest strengths is its commitment to customer service and human interaction. With that in mind, we approached the brand with the goal of injecting humanity into technology, which can often be a cold, impersonal space. The logo balances clean, sharp edges with a friendly typeface—and includes an Easter egg of hidden faces in multiple permutations. Warm, yet still tech-oriented colors balance crisp patterns and a grid-based design system, while heroic photography showcases real people.


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