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In-home selling parties are seen as old and stodgy. Remember Tupperware parties from the nineties? We’ll pass.

Design B&B was tasked with completely reinventing the in-home selling experience for The Cocoa Exchange — a division of Mars Chocolate. There are three brands in The Cocoa Exchange: Pod & Bean, Pure Dark, and Dove Signature. Each brand has a distinct line of products that is sold through unique and engaging social experiences.

A Sensory Journey

The Pure Dark product line is inspired by the cocoa pod — a super fruit with complex flavors that lends itself to a pure, raw, dark chocolate sensation. We created a social based around experiencing chocolate with all the senses — from seeing and touching an actual cocoa pod and nibs to understanding the unique aromas, textures and tastes of cocoa. This social is a truly mindful journey, where we learn to love the process of creation as much as we love the finished product.

Teach & Taste

To teach guests about the chocolate-making process from the bean to bar, we created an interactive game called Cultivating Your Cocoa Senses, which allows guests to have fun while learning. The party continues with adventurous ingredient pairings in the Flavor Flow activity. They might try dark chocolate with cheese, nuts, or even wasabi. They are guided to recognize how flavors enhance each other. A spot for the “neighbor’s choice” is included to encourage interaction.

chocolate, it’s what’s for dinner

Pod & Bean encourages culinary exploration through chocolate. This social is crafted for those who want more flavor, more of the unexpected, more of their own stamp on every dish. Guests roll up their sleeves and experiment in the kitchen, whether sampling unique product combinations to learn about the five tastes, or trying a cocoa-infused rub for ribs.

the main course

A guided exploration of the five tastes — sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy — allows guests to expand their culinary horizons through Pod & Bean. They learn to identify how flavors can enhance, overpower or balance each other. The Tastemaker Cheat Sheet helps guests think about friends and family’s taste preferences to choose a perfect gift. “Chocced” is a play on “Chopped” where guests put their new knowledge of the five tastes to work to create unexpected and cohesive meals.

No Pressure, Just Chocolate

Dove Signature is not just in this business because they love chocolate — although they definitely do — they’re in this because they love enriching lives. A partnership with CARE provides women in Côte d’Ivoire with access to business loans, which in turn empowers women — and their families and communities. When you support small business owners here, you are supporting women entrepreneurs there. It’s a virtuous cycle. So we crafted a social that allows guests to embrace the moment, let go and enjoy an indulgence they can truly feel good about.

Chocolate Edu-tainment

A Dove Signature social is an invitation for conversation, connections and fun. Using gaming theory, we engage in activities that both educate and makes you laugh. From energizing ice-breakers to reigniting conversations, we keep the party flowing with Dove-isms, chocolate to share, and chocolate in abundance.