a new kind of frozen treat

KIND debuts new freezer-friendly indulgence

Known for ingredients you can see and pronounce, KIND has been spreading the joy of healthy snacking and kindness since 2004. From granola bars to fruit leather, KIND’s bold, color-blocked packaging once lived only in the shelf-stable aisles.

With a mission to make better-for-you frozen indulgences they wanted but could never find, KIND launched 100% plant-based frozen treat bars. Our goal was to extend KIND’s look, tone, and feel from pantry to freezer, making the brand that much cooler.

KIND FROZEN now has a fresh identity that feels premium, innovative, and yet still in the family. A clean grid, heavy color blocking, and crisp type communicate classic KIND. Ice-like patterns cue “frozen” and help differentiate from pantry counterparts, assisted by more pastel freezer-friendly colors. Vivid ingredient photography supports natural claims and drives appetite appeal — cueing “fresh” even from the freezer.

“The photos act as a differentiator between flavors, and it allows consumers to recognize the brand’s bars quickly while shopping in-store.” – Dieline

Taking notice of this fresh find, Dieline contributor Chloe Gordon writes, “KIND is a snack bar brand that believes kindness can change the world, and with the newly released KIND FROZEN Treat Bars, we believe them.”

The brand toolbox has been extended to include new swag which is now touring across America this summer in a graphic KIND FROZEN Ice Cream truck. Follow @kindsnacks on Instagram to see where the truck will stop next!

Have you tried these delicious new treats? What do you think of the packaging? (Our office is obsessed!)