The Flock

Is it possible to be both laidback and passionately driven? We are obsessed with brilliantly simple design, we invite wicked problems, and we genuinely believe we are better together.

Our Principals


Before co-founding Design B&B, Amy spent 20 years with Procter & Gamble as an executive design leader across every discipline from industrial to graphic to fashion design. She has a proven ability to define and activate multi-billion dollar global brands and has led full identity restages for brands such as Pringles, Folgers, Olay, Venus, Old Spice, and Pantene. Having spent a career on the client side, Amy’s goal was to start the firm she always wished she could hire.


Shelly is the designer’s designer. She is award-winning from non-profit to financial services. Shelly brings 20+ years of experience in design, advertising and branding across a variety of leadership roles from brand strategy to creative director to business owner. Shelly excels in bringing design thinking to every problem she encounters and is known for spinning gold from straw.

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