Joel Hall Dancers & Center

For JHDC, as for any Good Egg Grant recipient, we pulled out all the stops to create an identity that will grow with them far beyond our one year partnership.


Standing out in the growing plant-based “just like meat” category is tough, especially when the market is already overflowing with machismo.


Few brands have a more treasured place in our culture — and in our toasters — than Eggo. To bring new life to this beloved breakfast brand.

Field Goods

Meet Field Goods: they’re on a mission to support small farms and give everyone access to good, healthy food.

Chicago Park District

Since 2011, The Chicago Park District has been working to reclaim thousands of acres of natural lands across the Southeast Side.

Phire Blue Estates

Located in Sonoma, the Saigal family vineyard quickly evolved from part-time hobby to award-winning wine.