giving back

Design is for everyone

We want to make design more accessible and our work takes many forms. Sometimes it’s making sure that every student with an interest in design has access to a quality education. Sometimes it’s working toward equity in our community through days of service, or training. Sometimes it’s giving away our services to non-profit organizations that, for financial reasons, haven’t been able to undertake strategic design initiatives. We approach these efforts as co-creators, always ready to learn from our brilliant partners.

Good Egg Grant

It’s crucial for every nonprofit to tell a meaningful story that will move their audience to action. We created the Good Egg Grant to help nonprofits amplify their message and ensure their stories are heard through great design. Recipients of the grant have access to all of our services, free of charge, for a full calendar year. We work collaboratively to fully understand who the organization is, their community and goals, and then to develop design systems that will serve them long after the year has ended.

doing good
in the neighborhood

In addition to our work on the Good Egg Grant, we get involved with our community in some small ways and some big ones. We’ve moved a formerly homeless family into their new home with Humble design, raised money by auctioning off portraits of pets, and lent our photography skills to a local animal shelter. We’ve partnered with Chicago Public Schools, and with the TRiO program at Columbia College to develop internship, mentorship, and other professional development programs for high school and college students from underserved populations. And we’re just getting started.