hot off the press! kellogg fantasy waffles

We tapped into our childhood breakfast fantasies to design these whimsical packs

To say we were thrilled when Kellogg’s reached out to have us design Mermaid and Birthday Cake Waffle Packaging is an understatement! Quickly, we leaned into our own nostalgia for childhood birthday parties and playing pretend mermaids to inspire our designs. Our excitement has only increased as people have been spotting these packs on shelves, including Dieline contributer Rudy Sanchez. Musing on how Quarantine bends the rules of time and “normal” routines, Rudy writes, “While this may seem like dessert thinly-veiled as breakfast (like an acai bowl), parents aren’t adhering to conventionality at breakfast, so why not have cake-flavored waffles for breakfast?”

Kelloggs Fantasy Waffles on the Dieline

“The execution is a laser-focused punch of pretty, so good luck prying these from a Disney Princess-obsessed kid’s grubby mitts.” – Dieline

Keep your eyes peeled for these whimsically sweet packs as you’re shopping your grocer’s freezer aisles. And yes, why not have cake-flavored waffles for breakfast?