So, what is design thinking?

Simply stated, it is a creative approach to solving tough problems and identifying unexpected opportunities. It stems from how designers are trained and is both a mind set and a method.

The Mindset

  • Empathy
  • Accept and add
  • Not limited to what has been proven
  • Diversity of experiences, skills and backgrounds yields better results
  • No need to accept trade-offs

The Method

  • Single-day to week-long sessions with intense focus
  • User-centric, highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary
  • Fast-paced low-res prototyping and iteration
  • Holistic solutions that are co-created and actionable

“Having all of the experts dedicated and together took a year off of our normal development process.”

Our Twist

  • We use metaphor and analogue to push beyond expected solutions.
  • We employ improv techniques to change the team’s culture.
  • We are designers, so we ensure the team’s work is actionable and intuitive.

When to Use Design Thinking

  • New business models
  • Category expansion and invention/re-invention
  • Short- and long-term innovation strategies
  • Correcting brand positioning
  • Getting creative resources on the same page for a holistic brand
  • Developing a stronger corporate culture


“The final ideas were complete—right down to channel strategy, pricing and branding.”